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PTI - Packaging Technologies and Inspection | Package Leak Testing

PTI - Packaging Technologies & Inspection is headquartered in Hawthorne, New York, a Westchester county community close to New York City. PTI is a collective of scientists, engineers and packaging practitioners focused on improving the entire package quality experience throughout the packaging lifecycle. PTI has engineered and developed seven different inspection technology platforms to assure container closure integrity. Each technology is grounded in the belief that without a reliable test method there is no test method. PTI’s technology offerings focus on container closure integrity, providing a deterministic measure of package performance that critical applications require. The solutions are widely used to improve a variety of packaging design and material challenges, providing package performance data in the development phase through to in-production on-line package inspection.

Packaging is far more than a thin piece of material. We believe it is a protector of life. Packaging will allow the product or device to perform during its life cycle through storage, distribution, and eventual use. Packaging connects our global supply chains and brings life-saving treatments and devices to the point of use. It maintains sterility of critical nourishment, bringing food to those who need it. The performance of packaging goes far beyond a candy bar or coffee. The performance of packaging saves lives, and PTI is here to support you in your mission.

PTI was founded in 1984 by Tony Stauffer on the premise of providing precision measurement systems within the packaging industry. PTI is strongly rooted in research and development with multiple technologies coming to fruition in the 1990’s to solve the packaging industry’s deeper challenges. PTI began development of vacuum and pressure-based systems in the 1990’s, with the VeriPac 465 being the most sensitive vacuum-based leak detection system available in the market today. PTI continues to break barriers in the vacuum leak detection space, providing the industry best options for sensitivity, reliability, and practicality.

PTI’s year 2000 patent for airborne ultrasound (ABUS) was the first step into a non-traditional sensory technology platform. ABUS came to market at the advent of the doypack stand-up pouch. Today ABUS is widely used for critical retort pouch applications, but its legacy is within the medical device industry inspecting high risk porous packaging for medical devices.

PTI’s pursuit of new sensory technologies is deeply rooted in PTI’s entrepreneurial and scientific spirit. The field of inspection technology at a very fundamental level is about energy and measurement. PTI’s purpose and mission continue to craft our journey to develop solutions that will make the world a better place through the quality of packaging.

PTI’s continuous technology development have brought more technology and measurement solutions to market under one brand. Whether it be Helium leak detection, high voltage leak detection, airborne ultrasound, or a vacuum based solution, PTI is the think tank you can rely on to provide the highest level of technology solutions for package quality. PTI continues to build on our journey, and we look forward to supporting you on yours.

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